Compute Protein Sequence-Derived Structural and Physicochemical Descriptors with ProtrWeb

Over the past two decades, statistical machine learning methods have been successfully employed in the structural, functional, and interaction profiles research of proteins and peptides. The structural and physicochemical descriptors have been intensively applied in the research of protein structure and functionalities, including

  • Protein structural and functional classes prediction
  • Protein subcellular locations prediction
  • Protein-protein interactions prediction
  • Protein-ligand interactions prediction

and many more challenging biological problems. Sequence-derived structural and physicochemical descriptors are critically important for these tasks.

ProtrWeb is a web application based on our R package protr, dedicated to compute such structural and physicochemical descriptors. ProtrWeb offers twelve types of commonly used descriptors presented in the protr package.

The protr package offers more proteochemometric modeling descriptors, miscellaneous tools and datasets. Customized descriptors can be crafted by using the protr package directly.

Computed Descriptors

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